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Dealership Programme

Dealership Feedback

"Dulu sales workshop stuck 30k sebulan. Bila dah bersama Mr. Absorber, sekarang kami dah buat 100k sebulan"


"Dulu tak sangka absorber boleh jual hari-hari. Sekarang purata 6 kereta tukar absorber setiap hari"


"Dengan Mr. Absorber, saya capai sales 500k dalam 6 bulan"


"Senang order stock dengan Mr. Absorber. Diorang ada 7 jenama untuk lebih 70 model kereta"


"Saya dah tak payah nak fikir buat parcel. HQ dah urus semua. Saya buat sales sahaja"

NazrinPuncak Alam

We Make It Easy For You

Easy To Sell Product

Gain a competitive edge with our in-demand car absorber products that practically sell themselves.

Marketing Materials Provided

Supercharge your marketing efforts with our ready-made of captivating posters, engaging videos, and stunning images meticulously crafted by HQ.

No Need Keep Stock

Say goodbye to inventory management hassles. As an authorized dealer, you can enjoy the convenience of a stockless business model.

Let HQ Manages Delivery

Leave the logistics to us. Our headquarters will efficiently manage the delivery process, ensuring that products reach your customers’ doorstep in a timely and reliable manner.

Attractive Annual Rewards

Prepare to be rewarded for your dedication and success. Our dealership program offers enticing annual rewards to celebrate your achievements.

Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your earnings and be part of a thriving automotive community.

Join Our Exclusive Dealership Program Today!

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